CloudMDE 2012

First International Workshop on Model-Driven Engineering on and for the Cloud

Colocated with ECMFA’12, 2-5 July 2012, Copenhagen


Including a keynote speech by M. Ali Babar on "Cloud Infrastructure for Providing Tool-as-a-Service: Architectural Requirements and Potential Solutions"


Model Driven Engineering (MDE) elevates models to first class artefacts of the software development process. Numerous powerful tools exist to support MDE, including for constructing models and managing them (e.g., via transformation, code generation, merging), though numerous challenges and difficulties arrive in adopting and deploying the tools. MDE principles, practices and tools are also becoming more widely used in industrial scenarios. Many of these scenarios are traditional IT development (e.g., focusing on code generation), and emphasis on novel or evolving deployment platforms has yet to be seen.

Cloud computing is a computational model in which applications, data, and IT resources are provided as services to users over the Internet. Cloud computing exploits distributed computers to provide on-demand resources and services over a network (usually the Internet) with the scale and reliability of a data centre. There are different types of clouds; organizations can provide hardware for clouds internally (internal clouds), or a third party can provide it externally (hosted clouds). A cloud might be restricted to a single organization or group (private clouds), available to the general public over the Internet (public clouds), or shared by multiple groups or organizations (hybrid clouds).

Cloud computing is enormously promising in terms of providing scalable and elastic infrastructure for applications; MDE is enormously promising in terms of automating tedious or error prone parts of systems engineering. There is potential in identifying synergies between MDE and cloud computing; this is the focus of the workshop.

Workshop Goals

We aim to bring together researchers and practitioners working in MDE or cloud computing, who are interested in identifying, developing or building on existing synergies. We aim to identify opportunities for using MDE to support the development of cloud-based applications (MDE for the cloud), as well as opportunities for using cloud infrastructure to enable MDE in new and novel ways (MDE in the cloud).
We also are interested in novel results of adoption of MDE in cloud-related domains, as well as work-in-progress or experience reports, that provide insight into early adoption of MDE for building cloud-based applications, or in terms of deploying MDE tools and infrastructure on ‘the cloud’.

Topics of Interest

•    Metamodels and novel domain-specific languages to support development of cloud-based applications.
•    Modelling and metamodelling of cloud platforms.
•    Model transformation for cloud-based applications.
•    Model-to-text transformations for specific cloud platforms.
•    Experience reports of deploying MDE tools and technologies on the cloud.
•    Novel applications of MDE enabled by use of cloud platforms.
•    Approaches to enabling “modelling as a service”.
•    Semantic annotation techniques and descriptions of modelling services.
•    Approaches for modelling service matching.
•    Scalability issues for MDE in the cloud.
•    Methods and experience reports focusing on model-based interoperability between cloud platforms/vendors.
•    Cloud-specific development scenarios enabled by or enriched by use of MDE.
•    Specific non-functional cloud concerns (e.g., security, information governance) that may be addressed by MDE principles or practices.
•    Case studies and experience reports.
•    Position statements setting a research agenda for MDE in/for the cloud.

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